Eighth Grade

The critically acclaimed directorial debut from comedian Bo Burnham, EIGHTH GRADE is an achingly realistic and honest exploration of the anxiety of being a teenager. Thirteen year old Kayla (a revelatory Elsie Fisher) is in her last week of middle school, and is frustrated at being constantly ignored by her peers – she longs to win any class award other than ‘Most Quiet.’ Pushing away her concerned dad (Josh Hamilton) and confiding in a series of vlogs, Kayla attempts to project the person she wants to be – confident, chatty, popular. But the indignity and embarrassments of teenage life, compounded by a new age where social media accentuates isolation, make this journey of self-actualisation anything but smooth. “Movies about teenagers are often filled with contrived excesses, but Mr. Burnham understands that some of the most pronounced extremes — the drama, the comedy, the horror — take place in that lonely room known as our heads.” – The New York Times

94 Minutes