Big Screen Science: Apollo 13

Celebrate space and stars with a fun event for the whole family! Revisit classic sci-fi films on the big screen, followed by fascinating presentation and discussion on how space is depicted in cinema with Astrophysicist Dr Rachael Livermore (The University of Melbourne). "Science fiction can sometimes make eerily accurate predictions for the future, but often its conceits break the laws of physics - usually to aid the plot, but occasionally for no discernible reason at all. Separating the plausible from the bizarre offers both a fun chance to talk about science, and a glimpse of which elements of science fiction may one day become science fact." - Dr. Livermore APOLLO 13 "Houston, we have a problem." Those words were immortalised during the tense days of the Apollo 13 lunar mission crisis in 1970. After the spacecraft underwent massive internal damage, putting the lives of the three astronauts on board in jeopardy, NASA devised a strategy to attempt to return Apollo 13 to Earth safely. Starring Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and the late Bill Paxton, APOLLO 13 vividly recounts these alarming events in this riveting human drama from Ron Howard.

140 Minutes
Sunday, 17 June 2018
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Sunday, 17 June 2018