Brothers' Nest

They may be most famous for creating the affable plumber Kenny, but filmmaking brothers Clayton and Shane Jacobsen have taken a distinctly dark turn with their latest blacker-than-pitch comedy BROTHERS’ NEST. Two middle-aged brothers arrive at their childhood home with murder on their minds. Informed by their terminally ill mother (Lynette Curran) that the house will be left to their stepfather Rodger (Kym Gyngell) when she passes away, Terry (Shane) and Jeff (Clayton) have a devious plan to off Rodger in a staged ‘suicide’ that will ensure the house will be theirs when she dies. There’s one thing that they didn’t count on though when devising their meticulous scheme: having to spend an entire day with each other. As the brothers bicker and their old grudges, differing world views, and troubled shared history are aired as they wait for the appearance of Rodger, the more things spiral out of control. You know what they say, blood truly is thicker than water.

97 Minutes