Price of Everything, The

Nova Exclusive! Is art that is the most expensive the best, most important art? Art collectors and auction houses would like you to believe so, and the contemporary art market has inflated to such extraordinary proportions that ‘art as asset’ collecting is causing billionaires to pay obscene prices for artworks, whipping the art world into hysteria and sought-after artists into production overdrive. But when art is viewed primarily as a commodity and status symbol, what does that do to artists, and does it devalue art as a form of personal and cultural expression? Documentarian Nathaniel Kahn’s THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING explores the art market bubble, talking to curators, collectors, auctioneers and artists themselves, and asking the question: when art and commerce are so entwined, what happens when the bubble bursts?

99 Minutes
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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Wednesday, 24 April 2019