Top Gun + Top Gun: Maverick

DOUBLE BILL! Top Gun Tom Cruise will take your breath away in a breathtaking double feature. Go back to where it all began with Tony Scott's 1986 high-flying bromance of 'TOP GUN' fighter pilots who will stop at nothing to be the best. Starring Tom Cruise in the role that made him the biggest star of modern times, the Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer smash-hit features astonishing in-camera action that still dazzles to this day, a synth-tastic score by Harold Faltermeyer, songs by Giorgio Moroder and cinematography that defined a decade. But wait, there's more! Now the third biggest film of all time at the Australian box office (at the time of writing), TOP GUN: MAVERICK ups the stakes as Cruise returns as Captain Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell - called in to train a group of ace pilots for a mission that's down-right, uh, impossible.

250 Minutes
Tuesday, 10 September 2024
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Top Gun + Top Gun: Maverick Show Times

Tuesday, 10 September 2024