Die Hard + Die Hard 2: Die Harder

DOUBLE BILL: Ho, Ho, Ho, it's a Die Hard double feature! Bruce Willis stars in his most iconic role - that of off-duty NYPD Detective John McClane - in the first two instalments of the DIE HARD series, exploding back onto the big screen for Christmas. NYPD officer John McClane (Willis) tries to save his wife and her colleagues when a group of German terrorists take a Christmas party hostage at Los Angeles' Nakatomi Plaza. Making a movie star of Willis when DIE HARD became a smash hit in 1988, it was also the feature debut of Alan Rickman as charismatic terrorist ringleader Hans Gruber. History repeats when John McClane finds himself in the midst of another terrorist takeover, this time at Washington D.C.'s Dulles International Airport in the midst of the Christmas rush. And, wouldn't you know it, his wife (Bonnie Bedilia) is on-board one of the planes caught up in the emergency. Are you ready to Die Harder this holiday season?

266 Minutes
Tuesday, 24 December 2024
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Tuesday, 24 December 2024