Team America: World Police

20th ANNIVERSARY! From the multi award-winning duo behind The Book Of Mormon and South Park comes the outrageous (and politically incorrect) satirical comedy TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE. Fusing the comic genius of Trey Parker and Matt Stone with the awkward marionette aesthetic of cult TV series Thunderbirds, TEAM AMERICA arrived in the midst of a US-led military campaign on the Middle East and the presidency of George W. Bush. Absurdly funny and filled with hilarious musical numbers, it pushed the boundaries of taste at the time. Broadway performer Gary Johnston is recruited by the last line of US defence – Team America - to infiltrate a terrorist organisation, only for the operation to go horribly awry. Leveraging a growing disquiet with the heavily-armed US government, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il enlists a group of sympathetic Hollywood actors for his own evil plans.

98 Minutes

Team America: World Police Show Times

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