MOVIE EPIC! The first winner of the Best Film Academy Award, WINGS is a triumph of silent filmmaking, an exciting and thrilling wartime drama of two WWI flying aces and the girl who follows them to the battlefields of France. David Armstrong (Richard Arlen) and Jack Powell (Charles "Buddy" Rogers) are rivals for the town beauty Sylvia, while Jack is blind to the attentions of the plucky girl-next-door, Mary Preston (Clara Bow). Enlisting into the air force with an eye toward flying fighter planes, David and Jack are dispatched to France as newly minted pilots. Thrown together in the frenzy and fear of battle, the former rivals become inseparable, while Mary, unable to bear not contributing to the war effort, enlists herself as an ambulance driver. With climatic air battles a-plenty, love triangles, a passionate pre-Code same-sex kiss, fantastic performances – particularly from ‘It Girl’ Bow - and a tissue-shredding finale, WINGS has it all!

144 Minutes
Tuesday, 28 May 2024