Clockwork Orange, A + Full Metal Jacket

DOUBLE FEATURE! It's a double feature of two Stanley Kubrick classics. Malcolm McDowell stars in the sci-fi satire nased on the novel by Anthony Burgess. Gang leader Alex (McDowell) lives a life filled with crime, sex and the music of Ludwig Van Beethoven. When his crimes catch up with him, an opportunity to participate in an experiment goes awry. Banned from release when made in 1971, Stanley Kubrick's film has since become recognised as a masterpiece of cinema. A pragmatic U.S. Marine (Matthew Modine) observes the dehumanizing effects the Vietnam War has on his fellow recruits, from their brutal boot camp training led by Sgt. Hartman (R Lee Ermey) to the bloody street fighting in Hue, in Stanley Kubrick's 1987 wartime epic FULL METAL JACKET.

255 Minutes
Cult Film

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