Jeff Koons. An Intimate Portrait

JEFF KOONS. An Intimate Portrait by Pappi Corsicato, chronicles the hidden dynamics behind the person, the artist and the Koons brand. Moving from America to Europe and Qatar spanning several decades, the film will be a unique opportunity to understand the man who took mass-produced everyday objects and transformed them into the highest form of art, elevating their status from the ordinary to the sublime. Through the words of Koons, his sister, his wife and children, as well as critics, gallery owners, artists and scholars such as Mary Boone, Jeffrey Deitch, Massimiliano Gioni, Antonio Homem, Dakis Joannou, Stella McCartney, Andy Moses, Norman Rosenthal, Scott Rothkopf, Julian Schnabel, Linda Yablonsky, this feature documentary takes an intimate journey into the mind of Jeff Koons, with the aim of discovering what motivates him today and what has shaped his incomparable vision throughout his career. A world in which everyday objects and nostalgia for 20th Century pop transcend their original forms and are transformed into works of art, leaving the viewers to focus their attention inward and examine their own thoughts.

84 Minutes

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