Oldboy + Talk To Me

DOUBLE BILL! A 'back from the dead' double feature! Park Chan-wook directs Choi Min-sik in the action mystery that kicked-off the Korean new-wave, OLDBOY. Kidnapped and imprisoned for fifteen years without any understanding of his captor's motive, Oh Dae-su (Choi) is released back into a world that long assumed him to be dead. Aided by a young woman, he sets off on a mission to find who robbed him of his life. Korean language, English subtitles. Sophie Wilde stars as Mia, a teenager mourning the untimely death of her mother. Made aware of a mysterious mummified hand that opens a portal to the afterlife, Mia attempts to contact her mother only to put the lives of her friends in danger. Directed by brothers Danny and Michael Philippou, this Australian-made horror was a breakout sensation at home and abroad.

227 Minutes
Tuesday, 19 November 2024
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Tuesday, 19 November 2024